Beyond PowerPoint–Prezi

Prezi - About perspective...

This is a Prezi presenation.  Check it out by clicking on the above image. I think Prezi offers a nice change of pace from PowerPoint that will definitely capture our students attention?

It also allows us to be more free flowing in our presentations.  We can jump from one idea to another–show relationships and details–and at the same time set a sequence to follow, and return to if we deiviate.

Prezi is web-based, but presentations can be downloaded so that it isn’t dependent on a good internet connection.  Your presentations reside in the “cloud,” meaning you can work on them from any interent connected computer.  If you want to download them, you can.

Have you used Prezi before?  Are their other alternatives to PowerPoint that you use?  Share your ideas in a comment below.

One thought on “Beyond PowerPoint–Prezi

  1. Joanne

    Thanks Todd – I want to learn more but will not be at the meeting tomorrow. I will try to follow the blog and see if there is a time you can help me move along with my learning of tech skills.


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