Vision for 21st Century Learning Environment

In 2005, my then superintendent, asked me to come up with a vision for technology integration, and, “oh,by the way, present it in one month!”  I was just 3 months into my current job as instructional technology specialist in Curriculum and Instruction, and, needless to say, I was a little overwhelmed.  I came up with an idea to create short descriptions of different aspects of technology integration, and to call them “Picture this” scenarios.  At the time, much of what I wrote seemed like so much wishful thinking.  Our classrooms had very little technology and our teachers felt very little commitment to using the technology they had.  But as I look back over the last four years, and review how far we have come down the path of technology integration, I’m amazed at our progress.  We are well on our way to realizing many of the “Picture this!” scenarios I described.   I encourage you to read what I wrote then–and to help my district now envision what direction to head during the next four years. Vision for Technology Integration-2005

There are things that I didn’t anticipate four years ago.  I didn’t realize the significance that learning management systems like Moodle would play in the classroom.  I didn’t envision the blossoming of Web 2.0 tools, and how much impact they would have on the very nature of learning and teaching.  I didn’t anticipate how inexpensive laptop computers would become nor the growth of handheld devices like iPods.

Help me envision 21st century learning environments.  Does every classroom have an interactive whiteboard?  Are the walls of the classroom dissolving as students use more online learning environments that connect them to the world?  Are students being provided inexpensive netbooks, or moderately priced laptops? Or have we leapfrogged over laptops entirely and students are using handheld devices?  Are textbooks a thing of the past with all books online and being read with eReaders or handhelds?

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One thought on “Vision for 21st Century Learning Environment

  1. Todd,
    Approximately the same time you were sending the DTAC list a request to chime in on your blog I received the following Tweet (a mini blog) @lasic”To blog is to teach yourself what you think” – Why teachers should blog (via @web20classroom)

    A few weeks ago I started a blog about professional development after reading Dean Groom’s terrific blog entitled Leave Your Hat On which is about why teachers should blog. If you look at one of the comments on my blog you’ll find link to Ben Knaus’s blog where he is definitely putting our some ideas about where we should be going.

    Earlier today, Lisa Ray, in the MPS Communications dept. had RT’d a Tweet of mine about Ira Socol’s post this morning about his ideas about where we should be heading @lisa_rayRT @sabier RT @irasocol Which century is your school living in? Zero cost suggestions that provide real benefit. I really like Ira’s stuff. I’m currently passing around his novel to the middle school teachers at Marcy. It’s an adult novel about a special ed kid.

    So, yeah, I think blogging about where we need to go is a good idea. Do you think we might start be getting Twitter unblocked in MPS schools?

    How do you get html to work in these comments?

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