School 2.0: Progressive Pedagogy and 21st-Century Tools: Part 2

Chris Lehmann. School 2.0_ Progressive Pedagogy and 21st-Century Tools - ISTEvision

(View the above video from the 10 minute mark to about 20 minutes to see how Chris Lehmann thinks technology is contributing to 21st century learning)

21st century learning is about so much more than just the hardware in the classroom.  We can install the latest internet wired multimedia computer, connect it to a video data projector and document camera, and display everything on the latest interactive whiteboard—and the teaching and learning in the classroom may still remain largely unchanged from what it was in the year 2000.

So how can 21st technology tools change the very foundation of our teaching and learning?  Chris Lehmann, principal at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, presented how his teachers are making this transformation. (see August 23 for my first post about Chris Lehman’s NECC presentation: School 2.0).  Chris believes that technology needs to be ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible—that technology tools don’t teach—rather they should be changing the way we teach..

What does 21st century learning look like?  Chris and his teachers focus on research, collaboration, creation, networking, and presentation and employ evolving Web2.0 tools in the process.  Here are some of the tools Chris identified—but you can bet these will change as new technologies emerge every day.

A Convenient and Reasonably False Taxonomy
What tools are you using in your classroom that you could add to this taxonomy?

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