Weeding the Thicket of Educational Websites


How can you ever keep up with the plethora of interesting websites and Web 2.0 tools available to the classroom teacher? Actually, there are educational technologists out there in the blog-a-sphere doing just that for you! I’d like to introduce you to two of them, and show you a way that you can follow their posts with little effort and great efficiency!

Here is a link that will enable you to follow two blogs that post interesting educational websites. For the less adventurous, bookmark this website after you click on it, and you can then return to that bookmark in the future for a continuously updated list of interesting websites.

Preview of Blogs: Best Educational Websites

For the more adventurous
For those of you wanting to venture further down the path of blogs–here are some next steps for staying continuously connected to these bogs. When you click on the link above, you have the option to “Sign in to subscribe”. To sign in you need to creating a Google account–something that you will find very valuable as I introduce you to more and more Google applications. All that is required for a Google account is an email address and a password of your choosing.

Be sure to choose “Get started with Google Reader”. Google Reader is what is know as a blog aggregator, which means that as you subscribe to different blogs, they can be compiled in Google Reader for you to review and read. At this point, you are subscribing to a special blog I have created that brings together two educational bloggers who are reviewing good websites and educational tools.

I’ll be writing more on subscribing to blogs in the upcoming weeks (including how to subscribe to my blog, Cultivating the Edcuational Technologist. For now, I hope you find this first step helpful as you start your new school year.

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