iGoogle Homepage and Google Reader


You heard it here first–yes, someone from the central office wants you to set your homepage for your browser to something other than the district homepage.

iGoogle is the perfect homepage for you to track the world around you. With iGoogle as a starting point, you can follow blogs, check out the latest news, and track all things Google. To get a Google homepage like above, go to http://www.google.com and click on sign in in the upper right corner. You can then choose to get an account which will have you provide an email and password. You willthen be sent an email confirmaton. Follow the steps to setting up an iGoogle homepage.

To have your browser open to your personalized (another blog will talk about options for personalizing), go to “preferences” under your browser name in the menu bar. Go to main and set your homepage to http://www.google.com/ig.

What is really cool is that you can have your Google Reader appear on this home page. Then, as you click on listings, a pop up of the blog posting will appear to let you preview the content. If you decide you want to read the whole blog, click in and your browser will navigate to that blog posting so you can see all the content.

How to use:
I will check postings in my Google Reader section of iGoogle homepage whenever I open my browser. I often will find something of interest from the blogs I am following. Check out my Aug. 9 posting about two blogs that you can follow in your Google Reader.

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