Finding Your Way in the Educational Technology Jungle


Couldn’t be a more appropriate place to begin my blog space than at NECC and the Constructivist Consortium kick off event. Ran into Scott McLeod as I settled in and Wes Fryer joined our table. Scott and I go back a ways to the School Technology Leadership Institute that Scott created at the University of Minnesota. One of Scott’s blogs, Dangerously Irrelevant, often focuses on technology leadership. Wes Fryer(the guy with the headset), writes an educational blog entitled Moving a the Speed of Creativity. And the the guy in the red shirt? Not sure who he is…

I’m sitting among master bloggers–maybe some of it will rub off on me!

But why bother blogging. Who is my intended audience and why should they take the time to read what I write?

Its hard for teachers to find their way in this educational technology jungle. For me, I’m constantly in the thicket– reading 5 educational technology journals a month, attending local and national technology conferences, reviewing daily email postings from tech listservs, and previewing software, websites, and a constant array of new Web 2.0 tools.

So, I propose this blog as being a way for me to share my learnings–a way for you to benefit from my filter as I wade through the jungle of new technology possibilities with eyes wide-open to find the best tools for the classroom teacher. I’ll share interesting websites and web 2.0 tools, I’ll explore ideas from readings and conferences, and I’ll try clear a path that delineates the trends worth following.

But the blog can also be a way for us to share. By posting comments, you can add to the dialog, and share your perceptions and learnings as well. I hope you join me on this journey. In upcoming blogs, I will be sharing ways to easily follow blogs (mine and other blogs as well). The last thing I want to do is make more work for the classroom teacher. Reading this blog should be easy and worthwhile–if not, well, turning if off is just a click away!

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